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prognozė in English:

1. forecast

weather forecast
Rain is forecast in Scotland
Here is the demand forecast for 1998.
It is difficult to make long-term forecasts for a fast-growing industry.
Unexpectedly the weather forecast came true yesterday.
The morning forecast predicted thunder showers later in the day.
oryginally forecast
I am about to finish doing this sales forecast.
they also forecast how the economy might change in the future
"It is forecast that in the nearest future 16% or 80 million EU residents will be living below the poverty level. "
A meteorologist forecasts the weather.
Our boss forecasts that sales will rise next year.
The economic forecasts seem to be rather gloomy. The sales forecast is very positive. He is one of those who forecast an international conflict.
It is difficult to forecast how the markets will react.
Finance Minister forecasts 2 per cent growth in economy.