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kriauklė in English:

1. shell shell

Shell after shell smashed into the fort.
He has come out of his shell.
The shell is a snail's house.
Throw out those eggshells before they start to smell.
‘He seemed curiously absent, as if the Will I knew had gone on a brief trip somewhere else and left only a shell.’
Life is not an empty shell.
Our city was shelled many times during the war.
the snail has shell
Another shell came through the wall of the house next door.
Bright shell of the sky
The rebels shelled the government building.
A shell exploded right beside him.
The turtle is carrying a pile of bowls on its shell
He held the shell to his ear and could hear the sound of the sea.
Steve had to shell out $50.00 for the speeding ticket he got last week.

English word "kriauklė"(shell) occurs in sets:

2 knyga. 10 unit
1 knyga. 6 unit

2. sink sink

He had heard that war had started, but it didn't sink in for a long time until his father was drafted into the army.
a kitchen or bathroom container that is attached to the floor and wall, holds water, and is used for washing dishes or brushing teeth. * When Lily came home, she was disappointed to see that the sink was full of dirty dishes.
kitchen sink
If plants and stones are in the water then this will happen: the plants float and the rocks sink.
If you find yourself in quicksand you'll sink more slowly if you don't move.
This means that houses are starting to sink, roads are breaking up and lamp-posts are leaning at crazy angles.
Let me just sink a sandwich.
I haven't had time to do the dishes for two days; they are in a pile in the kitchen sink.
Such a business failure would sink any company.
A sailor saw his fellow sailor sink from exhaustion.
Although the heavier airplane sinks faster and will reach the ground sooner, it will travel the same distance as a lighter airplane as long as you maintain the correct higher glide speed for the increased weight.
Clean water is brought to the house, to sanitary facilities such as washbasins, bathtub, sink and shower, from which it is then disposed of as waste water. Both of them, though carried out at the same time, have to comply with individual requirements.
We're sinking! We need help!
The sink in the kitchen was very old and had beautiful taps.
sink - sank - sunk