Georgian English Dictionary

ქართული - English

ამაღლება in English:

1. Raising

They'll debate raising taxes.
Don't complicate the problem by raising new issues.
He was criticized for raising taxes.
More and more people began raising cattle.
He showed his disapproval by raising an eyebrow.
If the other person does mention his family, then it is perfectly OK to ask about the ages of the children, and if you have children, to compare educational and cultural differences in raising children.
The raising of children is something that concerns the entire community. There will be an education reform.
Laborers required raising of a salary of the manager.
The key to raising every soldier into a great warrior is in strengthening training.
He doesn't know the cares of raising children.
The car passed by, raising a cloud of dust behind it.
Ah if only we had just problems with the raising of lambs!
The revolutionary government, while raising troops from the masses and fighting a defensive battle, established a republic and executed Louis XVI.
He is raising a big stink over a minor glitch.
Look at him raising his arm in triumph.