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pagamento in English:

1. payment

The fee includes the payment for professional services needed to complete the survey.
If you request a further discount, we suggest changing the terms of payment.
According to the terms of the contract, your payment was due on May 31st.
You need to open an account at a bank to receive the payment.
If you have any reasons for not clearing this payment, please let us know.
Smith demanded payment.
demand for payment; outstanding payment
Please use the information below for your payment.
Hanako made the final payment on her car, and felt very satisfied.
Credit is an amount or limit to the extent of which a person may receive goods or money for payment in the future.
The shopkeeper was tired of chasing his debtors so from then on he demanded payment in full.
A 10% tax will be withheld from the payment to you.
payment going out.
The first is to support the European Commission, which is in favour of payment for emission quotas.

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