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orribile in English:

1. hideous

Tom had a hideous hangover.
The police haven't yet caught the person who committed this hideous crime.
a hideous monster
Your dog is hideous!
I've got this hideous photo badge for the rest of my time at this firm.
They've just built some hideous new apartment blocks on the seafront.
Jill: It’s hideous.
this hideous monument should be knocked down
The Aston nose made it slightly less hideous
Honour killing is a hideous crime and we must do everything we can to combat it.
You said they were... hippie hideous.
His smile made him look more hideous than ever.
I was embarrassed about my hideous passport photo.
Perhaps this would not be such a hideous day after all.
Some things get more hideous, when you clean them.

English word "orribile"(hideous) occurs in sets:

CAE 651 - 675

2. ghastly

a ghastly crime/murder
he sounds like ghastly idiot
When she was murdered everybody talked about that ghastly crime for weeks.
The smell coming from the rubbish bins was just ghastly.
Never have I seen such a ghastly look on any man's face.
He could not by any means tolerate the ghastly smell of rotting onion.
His knee turned a ghastly blackish purple from the swelling.