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giardino in English:

1. garden garden

I'll water the garden.
I spend as much time working in the garden in one day as my brother does in a week.
If it should rain, the garden party would be in a mess.
Come and see my garden tomorrow.
What is still better is that the house has a beautiful garden.
A Japanese garden usually has a pond in it.
My garden is small.
The glass fronted building before you is the rose garden. It's a greenhouse so you will always be able to appreciate the roses.
While one of them sped around major parts of the property on the mower, a second made a few sweeps at some tall weeds on the edge of my wife's garden, and the third got into the truck and smoked a cigarette.
Our teacher showed us different kinds of flowers and told us in passing that those flowers came from her garden.
Little by little, the buds on the rosebush in my garden begin to open.
In the garden, you know. I'd like to put out benches and increase the customer seating. Like this ...
Some creationists believe that Adam and Eve had no navels, and that the trees in the Garden of Eden had no growth rings.
It is fairly safe to say that the family bound for Australia, or wherever it may be, has in its mind a vision of a nice house, or a flat, with maybe a bit of garden.
When I went down to the garden, two little girls were picking daisies.

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