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tertawa in English:

1. laughing laughing

Why are they laughing?
I had to bite my lip to prevent myself from laughing.
Stop making a fool of yourself. Everyone is laughing at you.
He had no sooner gone out of the room than all of them burst out laughing.
Seriously though, episode 21 made me almost cry while laughing.
It was not until I saw him laughing that I realized what a fool I had been.
Laughing troubles away is characteristic of him.
Little Johnny what are you doing sitting here laughing?
It was only with great difficulty that I managed to stop myself from laughing.
It is no laughing matter that he couldn't graduate from university this year.
People communicate approval by nodding, by clapping their hands, by smiling or laughing.
Pfft! That's what you get for laughing at a girl!
Laughing and talking, the children climbed the hill.
Leading a fulfilling life really comes down to a simple question: When you turn off the lights at night and your head is on the pillow, what do you hear? Your soul singing or Satan laughing?
I was laughing so hard I nearly dislocated my jaw.