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1. Staggering

Blindness is responsible for a staggering toll of poor health, suffering, and loss of dignity and diminution in the quality of lives of people worldwide.
He earns a staggering amount of money.
Nobody expected the staggering success of the books.
But the most staggering result was yet to come.
Another staggering figure there Rob – 40% of all food in America goes uneaten – it doesn't get eaten.
a staggering defeat
The attention to detail in the game is staggering. / In 2014, a staggering 84 percent of Americans said the government was losing the war on drugs.
a staggeringly beautiful landscape The cost was a staggering $10 million.
the staggering bills for maintenance and repair
It costs a staggering $50,000 per week to keep the museum open to the public.
That's almost a staggering one out of every six people.
It costs a staggering amount of money to maintain this palace.
... young black men in staggering proportions.
You stand the axis on the base and then proceed to stack up each part, staggering their position.