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zapatos in English:

1. shoes shoes

Where're the shoes?
The police searched that house to be sure the stolen shoes were not there.
Before buying shoes, you should try them on.
I was surprised at how expensive the shoes were.
A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.
Earlier, as I was walking down the sidewalk, a car drove by and splashed water on me. Look at this! My skirt and shoes are all muddy.
After polishing his shoes, Tom brushed his teeth and combed his hair.
My children wear out their shoes quickly.
All this walking is killing the soles of my feet and my toes. I wonder if I have the right size shoes.
If I tried to wear shoes with heels that high, I'd sprain my ankle.
The first thing he did was to untie his shoelaces and take his shoes off.
While she was running after the naughty boy, one of her shoes came off.
Tom buys new shoes whenever he can find a pair that fit.
My sister washes her shoes every Sunday.
Yoshio said he would pay as much as 15000 yen for a new pair of basketball shoes, but I thought that was quite expensive.

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