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nieto in English:

1. grandson grandson

Our grandson is going to visit us next week.
Tom is Mary's grandson.
My grandson is unruly.
Kublai Khan is the grandson of Genghis Khan.
Being with her grandson always makes her happy.
The old man is always accompanied by his grandson.
He liked to spend time with his grandson.
My grandson's name is Piotr.
Henry loves all his grandsons very much.
His grandson is a soldier.
Her grandson isn’t shy at all.
You look just like my grandson.
Tom's grandson is very clever boy.
He dotes on his grandson.
They spoke well of their grandson.

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2. grandchild grandchild

The old man was accompanied by his grandchild.
they had five grandchildren
My mum and dad think that they're getting a grandchild.
Shortly before her fiftieth birthday, she received the news about the birth of her grandchild.

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