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escalofrío in English:

1. chilliness

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2. chill

I want to chill the wine more.
It's still early. We should all just chill for a bit.
I have a chill.
I feel a chill seeing the blizzard outside.
She was wearing a thick coat against the chill.
The sight made a chill run down my spine.
An icy chill stole into the car.
Those two used to get along so well together but even with them you can sense a chill coming on.
Doctor: Take a chill pill and then call me in the morning.
The chill of coming winter discouraged our picnic.
Don't serve red wine chilled.
tell me what it’s like, just chill there and just feel it.
The chill in the room made me put on a jumper.
After a long day at work I usually just chill on the couch with a cold beer.
I've put the beer in the fridge to chill.

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3. shiver

A shiver ran down my spine.
The mere thought of a snake makes me shiver.
she's shivering
Vampire shivers in pain
Suddenly he shivered, as if he had become aware for the first time of the icy wind.
It made me shiver.
You’re shivering, do you want to borrow my jacket?
1. [verb] - to shiver - to shake slightly, especially because you are cold or frightened 2. [noun] - an act of shivering
They began to shiver, though for the most part they fought bravely enough.
Come inside, you’re shivering. shiver with cold/fear/delight
Harry shivered and looked up and down Magnolia Crescent
The cold wind outside made me shiver.
He shivered with cold in his thin cotton shirt.
I was shivering as if I had a fever.
The castle is haunted, he said with a shiver.

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