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enfermera in English:

1. nurse nurse

Polish nurses find employment in England.
I'm a nurse.
I learned that woman I thought was a nurse is, in fact, a doctor.
You have to take all this medicine to get better, said the nurse.
A nurse brought me some bread and coffee, but the bread was stale and the coffee tasted of soap.
Later, the nurse told me she had done her best to make me well.
A typical nurse will do such things as helping with a urinal bottle, and shaving in preparation for surgery!
Bill was sent to live with his grandparents while his mother studied to become a nurse.
As a girl, Elisa loved to play nurse with her dolls.
I collected my urine sample in a small, plastic cup and gave it to the nurse.
Thirty years ago I met my wife in hospital in Wrocław. She was a nurse at the pediatric ward.
I still maintain contact with the nurse who assisted me in labour.
"This 32-year-old Romanian nurse had gone off to Italy in search of a better job. "
Our granddad is surrounded by nurses, who are like guardian angels.
After his long stay in hospital, his wife nursed him back to health at home.

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2. nurse's nurse's

Please follow the nurse's directions.

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