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waste in English:

1. wasteful wasteful

a wasteful use of resources
He understood the negative outcomes of being wasteful.

English word "waste"(wasteful) occurs in sets:

make adjective

2. rubbish rubbish

plastic rubbish
I sat there and listened to all that rubbish he came up with about the company.
The richer the city, the more rubbish it generates.
We are all nature lovers and while wandering we would like to clean up the rubbish left behind by thoughtless tourists.
It seems I've got a little tipsy. Sorry to have talked rubbish...
It's difficult to tell which is which for burnable and non-burnable rubbish as well, isn't it?
They looked at the rubbish, then they looked at each other.
Moreover it's difficult to get rubbish out for garbage day because the collection time is too early.
The guard's truncheon hit air. Off balance, he regained his posture to see a metal-mesh rubbish bin flying towards him.
Wayne Rooney is a rubbish player.
The man will take all your rubbish if you leave it outside.
Your room is so dirty, there is rubbish everywhere!
That's just a lot of rubbish. Do you really think I'm gonna believe it?
I was told that my research was rubbish and that I had stolen most of the data I used in it.
To be honest. I think it’s total rubbish.

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3. dangerous rubbish dangerous rubbish

4. i often spend money on stupid things i often spend money on stupid things

5. to spend money or time in a way that is not useful to spend money or time in a way that is not useful

English word "waste"(to spend money or time in a way that is not useful) occurs in sets:

5th year. unit 3: money and shopping

6. squander squander

The home team squandered a number of chances in the first half.
Fearing his money would be squandered by his family, he gave all of it to charity when he died.
Adam didn't squander his money, he invested it in shares and property.
and we squander them pretty ruthlessly
squandered he truth from all we said
Entrepreneurs squander their profits on expensive cars

7. corrode corrode

He was corroded by guilt.
Sitting in salt water, the old coins corroded and became very easy to break
The substance can irritate or corrode the skin, eyes, or mucous membranes.