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wash in English:

1. the dishes the dishes

2. your clothes your clothes

3. the floor the floor

Watch out, the floor is wet.

4. washable washable

These are washable clothes.
Is this dress wash-able?

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Opposites and Suffixes

5. washes washes

He washes the car every week.
My sister washes her hair every morning.
Tom washes clothes at least once a week.
The woman washes her face.
My father often washes the dishes.
One hand washes the other.
She breaks a dish every time she washes dishes.
Mother washes every day.
He washes his hair.
The father washes his face.
He washes himself.
She washes her skirt.
This cotton shirt washes well.
She did two washes today.
Anita washes the tub.

English word "wash"(washes) occurs in sets:

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