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village in English:

1. a place smaller than a town a place smaller than a town

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2. city city

city streets
I look forward to seeing you on my next trip to your city.
Part of the charm of a big city lies in the variety of styles that can be seen in the architecture of its buildings.
I didn't know the city, and what's more, I couldn't speak a word of the language.
The city is cracking down on drunk drivers and giving them fines.
Machida is an interesting city that's a mix of the old and the new.
In city after city, big public meetings were held.
Our city police have a new campaign targeting drunken driving.
His latest works are on display at the city hall. They are fabulous beyond description.
New York City policemen wear dark blue uniforms.
São Paulo is Brazil's most modern city.
Roger Miller was born on January 2, 1936 in the western city of Fort Worth, Texas.
In the city, large quantities of garbage are being produced every day.
City officials often have sticky fingers.
When we started out in 2009, I was convinced that our store would become one of the best in the city.

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3. rural rural

Rural environments are too quiet for me.
Rural life appeals to me very much.
The rural life is much more peaceful than the city one.
remote rural areas
rural areas cannot be kept alive through agricultural subsidies alone.
As figures from the National Development and Reform Committee show, the Internet has developed rapidly in rural China.
However, compared to that in cities, rural use of online news, search engines, online shopping, online banking, online stocks and so on is much lower.
In some rural areas, the Internet is important for agricultural information, as well as being particularly useful for the purposes of agricultural production technologies and pricing.
At this stage there is still not a clear energy policy for bringing decentralised power to rural areas.
By the end of June 2006, the number of netizens in rural China had reached three million, seven hundred and forty one thousand, making up 5.1% of the total rural population.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of rural life?
In general, a rural area or countryside is a geographic area that is located outside towns and cities.
La vida rural es el tema de su nueva obra.
Young people and migrant workers are the bulk of rural Internet users; in terms of online music, online games, online film and television, and the Internet's capacity for entertainment, rural Internet users are equivalent to urban ones.

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4. i i

I understand.
My physics teacher doesn't care if I skip classes.
What's going on in the cave? I'm curious. "I have no idea."
My shoes are too small. I need new ones.
The last person I told my idea to thought I was nuts.
What other options do I have?
I hope to one day speak German as well as you speak English.
I find it difficult to express my meaning in words.
I felt relieved when my plane landed safely.
Suddenly, I saw a beautiful bird.
Who was it that read my diary while I was out?
Yesterday, I bought a book.
I'm afraid I won't be able to make myself understand in English.
This is the picture I took of Tom's house.
Tom bet me fifty dollars that he could eat more hot dogs than I could.

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