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nervous in English:

1. nerve nerve

He had the nerve to say that.
You've got a nerve to say such a thing!
What a nerve!
You've got a lot of nerve bringing me here under false pretenses.
His nerve failed him at the last moment.
You must have some nerve to ignore _me_.
A nerve cell responds to a slight stimulus.
I don't understand how in the world they can take your stuff for safekeeping, but then the post office guy has the nerve to tell you "Sorry, we lost it" and expect that to be the end of it.
The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body.
My husband damaged a nerve in his neck.
She gets on my nerves
Then; suddenly; without warning; his nerve failed him.
1. Nerves carry messages from the brain to different parts of the body. 2. And you have the nerve to tell me you're my friend? 3. Her nerve has helped her to tell the truth.
The dentist drilled my tooth and hit a nerve - it's so painful!
She was very annoyed with his nerve.

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