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1. necessity

His family circumstances were such that he became a teacher out of necessity.
Processwork becomes a necessity.
What harm would it do, if a man told a good strong lie for the sake of the good and for the Christian church … a lie out of necessity, a useful lie, a helpful lie, such lies would not be against God, he would accept them.
The necessity of education came home to me.
I went via Beijing of necessity because there wasn't a direct flight.
In the United States the automobile is a necessity and not a luxury.
Over seven years ago, the United States pursued al Qaeda and the Taliban with broad international support. We did not go by choice, we went because of necessity.
In order to make use of the nursing services covered by long-term care insurance, an authorization form indicating their necessity must be filled out.
Regional flights are an economic and social necessity.
The report outlines the necessity of reducing bureaucracy in the two fields.
Helmets are a basic necessity for riders on motorbikes and people doing dangerous sports like snowboarding.
About 50 percent of the firms in Japan have acknowledged the necessity of giving their workers longer holidays, and think summer holidays are needed to give their workers both mental and physical refreshment.
Man cannot be free if he does not know that he is subject to necessity, because his freedom is always won in his never wholly successful attempts to liberate himself from necessity.
Necessity knows no law.

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2. unnecessary

If two people are in agreement, one of them is unnecessary.
If you plan well, you can spend less time doing unnecessary things and get the work done faster.
The student decided to abridge his paper by taking out unnecessary details.
They discarded unnecessary things.
Civilization is the limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessities.
We should not take unnecessary risks
You gave him all kinds of unnecessary details.
It was totally unnecessary of her to tell everyone about her husband's sacking.
unnecessary expense
Your fights are unnecessary now.
The Oxford comma is awkward, unnecessary, and cannot be carried over to languages other than English.
It's a kinda ridicule unnecessary fibonacci-syllabic-heap.
It is very important to tell the necessary from the unnecessary.

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3. for

Is this for me?
This book is for students whose native language is not Japanese.
The bricklayer calculated that he would need 500 bricks for the wall.
The people next door were annoyed with us for making so much noise last night.
Why do you insist on paying for your school expenses yourself, when your parents are willing to give you financial support?
He attended the high school for three years without missing a single day or being late.
Even though I have studied English at school for the past six years, I'm still not good at speaking it.
The market for luxury goods is growing fast.
For all his wealth, he was still unhappy.
I will do that work on condition that I get paid for it.
Almost everyone in the class voted in favor of having a thank-you party for the teachers.
How about going for a drive to Lake Yamanaka with us tomorrow?
The two men understood one another perfectly, and had a mutual respect for each other's strong qualities.
After spending three weeks looking for a job, he found a well-paid one.
Your boyfriend got tired of waiting for you and left just now.

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4. essential

This is essentiale
Pocket calculators are as cheap to buy as a pair of socks, and as essential to thousands of British school children as a pencil and eraser.
From our human experience and history, at least as far as I am informed, I know that everything essential and great has only emerged when human beings had a home and were rooted in a tradition. Today’s literature is, for instance, largely destructive.
Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
An essential condition for a helpful interview is a quiet room in which doctor and parents can sit comfortably and in private without being interrupted.
I'm sure you're thinking to yourself, 'Why is this guy making such a big deal of this?' But make no mistake. This is essential.
The command of communication skills in multiple languages is essential to any company providing goods and services on the world market.
Some knowledge of foreign languages, of Spanish in particular, is essential.
Some Westerners may think our houses are lacking in everything they consider essential.
When the articles of incorporation are complete it is essential to go to the notary public's office to undertake certification of the articles drawn up.
she's a spacial filmmaker, she has absolutly incredible way of telling the story, and it was essential
Elle magazine has a great section on fall’s essential boots and bags.
The essential problem to choose summer holiday will be absence one of my colleague at work.

5. needed to be done

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6. call for

call for equality
I'll call for you tomorrow
The problem is when we begin to feel fear and anxiety in situations that don't call for it.
Big problems call for big solutions.
Nobody should call for violence.
I left my umbrella in your house, can I call for it this evening? You have to pack tonight. Tomorrow I’ll call for you at 7 a.m. sharp.

7. unnecessarily

The manager was unnecessarily rough on him.
Excessive reliance on monetary policy an attempt to curb inflation could unnecessarily constrain credit and hence business.
In order to be easily understood, a sentence should not be unnecessarily complicated.

8. indispensable

Water is indispensable to life.
Air as well as sunlight is, needless to say, indispensable to our daily life.
His long experience at the United Nations makes him indispensable to the talks.
In places where it snows a lot, kerosene is an indispensable item.
What is indispensable to our lives, along with food and clothes, is housing.
There is a good number of problems for which the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker conditions are insufficient to guarantee optimality, but this doesn't change the fact that these conditions are an indispensable tool for doing optimization.
Computer technology is indispensable to access many pertinent items of data.
These bodies have actually played indispensable roles in attaining these goals.
My uncle is a very heavy smoker; tobacco is indispensable to him.
Good knowledge of English is indispensable nowadays.
He was fully aware that he was an indispensable assistant
Edward was just telling us how indispensable you've become to him.
This is an indispensable step towards national reconciliation.

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9. needed in order to achieve something

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10. vital

Her vital signs are being closely monitored.
Regular exercise is absolutely vital.
On the other hand, there seem to be those among young folk who, while touching on Buddhism, have started to think of it as a vital spiritual support.
Water is a natural resource of vital importance.
Public opinion plays a vital in the political realm.
That red cloth is a "fukusa"; it is a vital tool used to cleanse the tea equipment.
It is better not to become ill in the first place and early diagnosis is vital.
What conditions are vital for developing film? Dark conditions are vital for developing film.
Some care staff say that they never practise restraint - that it is always wrong under any circumstances. Others say it can be vital, for the resident and themselves
It is vital that you inform me about your progress. It is vital to be honest with your spouse.
It’s vital for pilots and controllers to have good English.
Developing a sucessful strategy is a vital part of the planning process.
Although he's 70 years old, he's still a vital man.
Now that you mention it, I wasn't involved in the decision-making for the vital part.