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jealous in English:

1. envious envious

She is envious of my success.
I'm really envious.
I'm so envious. I really want one of those cars.
You can never be happy if you feel envious of other people.
an envious glance
I was envious of the students who had studied abroad.
John is envious of your new car.
She felt envious when she thought about his ex-girlfriend.
Don't be envious, he deserved it.
We are often envious of people who easily make friends
She is envious of Tim having the opportunity to work for Microsoft.
I don't feel envious. You can escape for weekends whenever you want to.
I'm very envious of your new coat - it's beautiful.
He gave her an envious look.
He was envious of the local boys who could see her every day.

2. of of

Democracy is the worst form of government, except all the others that have been tried.
How nice of you!
Of course.
It took me more than two hours to translate a few pages of English.
A box of chocolates
We were sitting peacefully at dinner, when all of a sudden the lights went out.
To the best of my knowledge, this chemical will prevent germs from breeding.
Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.
Genes consist of a specific sequence of DNA.
Carpentry and bricklaying are examples of manual labor.
By the age of seven, he had already made his own bow and arrows.
When we started out in 2009, I was convinced that our store would become one of the best in the city.
I'm very particular about what kind of people I invite into my house.
If a man wants to learn to sound like a native speaker of Japanese, he shouldn't only learn Japanese from women. The reverse is true for a woman.
Something you should know about me is that I half of what I say is meaningless.

3. people think that someone loves another person more than them o wants what other people have

4. unhappy because someone you like or love is showing interest in another person

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5. of sb

6. envy

I envy him.
Upon finding out about the others' success, she turned green with envy.
Is it true that your family will travel in Hokkaido? I envy you.
I envy people who can make friends easily
No love without envy.
Your success excites my envy.
There is not a passion so strongly rooted in the human heart as envy.
In later years, I confess that I do not envy the white boy as I once did.
He could only envy the man who would win her.
I envy her ability to talk to people she's never met before.
I gazed with envy at my fellow students who were able to go to Paris for work experience.
Jealousy might motivate, envy only destroys.
He thought with envy about the junior manager on holiday in Thailand.
So the questions go like, are we in the high-growth categories or do we have category envy?

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7. jealousy

Jealousy in a relationship is often brought about by a lack of trust.
She burned with jealousy.
Jealousy made him do that.
Her success made her the target of jealousy.
I can't stand her jealousy.
Jealousy was the motive for the murder.
You need to come to terms with your jealousy of this young man.
Love is blind, but jealousy can see even nonexistent things.
There may be love without jealousy, but there is none without fear.
Jealousy has big eyes towards everything.
Jealousy is always born at the same time as love, but it does not always die at the same time as love.
I was beside myself with jealousy when my youngest sister rose in the world.
His jealousy began to raise its head again.
Will she be able to put the jealousy behind her?
Jealousy is an enemy to friendship.

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8. envious of

Many were envious of her promotion.
Tim is envious of Sarah. She has a great new job and now earns much more than him.