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1. involve

What does it involve?
Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. To involve means to connect.
To involve means to connect. When you get involved in the Spanish Club, you attend meetings and events.
The sentence can generally involve a decree of imprisonment, a fine and/or other punishments against a defendant convicted of a crime
Service industries include communication, transportation, distribution, finance and a host of other areas which do not involve production of goods.
Prices and length of study vary according to the speciality but all involve intensive home study as well as college-based tuition.
/inwolw/ * what exactly does the job involve? (+ Ing .. My course involves doing a lot of research )
They execute endless practice runs and then review their in‐flight decisions, attempting to hone their minds to select the best approach to any given scenario, particularly those that involve the use of deadly force.
Only a small number of players seem to have been involved.
a person who makes money by starting their own business that typically involves some financial risk
My work involves: human contact / team work / long hours / dealing with customers / travelling a lot/ solving problems
He believed that some kind of supernatural forces were involved in his healing.
When you are involved in an argument and both you and the other person know (or rather believe) you are right, do you insist on the other person admitting they are wrong, or do you just let the matter drop for the sake of peace and quiet.
The trips often involve a lot of walking.; an event involving hundreds of people; I prefer teaching methods that actively involve students in learning.
If a situation or activity involves something, that thing is a necessary part of it.; to affect or include someone or something in an activity; to make someone be part of an activity or process

2. exclude

We cannot exclude feeling from our experience.
Some of the data was excluded from the report.
The price excludes accommodation.
He was excluded from the club owing to his past criminal activities.
an immigration policy that excludes undesirables
Discrimination comes in all forms it is not just rasism. Today people are discriminated by being excluded from organisations causing not phisical hurt but emotional.
we don’t want to exclude anyone. the project is for each and every one of you
Fill the bottle to the top so as to exclude all air.

3. comprise

Farmers comprise just 1.2 per cent of the country's population
Our staff comprises many nationalities.
Uyghurs comprise the majority in Kashgar.
It is beyond the scope of the present work to describe all the components that comprise Emmet's architectural style.
In the government and higher education sector they comprise an average of 35% of researchers, and in the private sector just 18%.
A crowd comprised of the wives and children of scientists staged a demonstration 2. Women comprise 44% of hospital medical staff.
‘the country comprises twenty states
It comprises a roomy living room
How to comprise it?
A work queue comprises the following components
The orchestra was comprised of amateur and professional musicians. / Women comprise 15% of the police force.
comprised of his infantry and the enemy.
The ​course comprises a ​class ​book; a ​practice ​book; and a CD. The ninth ​district is comprised of (= consists of) 15 ​cities and ​towns
Who does the Contractor's staff comprise?
The word 'politics' ... comprises, in itself, a difficult study of no inconsiderable magnitude

4. inclusion

Two items remain unresolved between us: the first is the inclusion of biocides.
She is being ​considered for inclusion in the ​Olympic ​team.
promoting the inclusion of immigrantsinto mainstream
Plaintiffs seek to discredit the findings of the review, pointing to deviations from the review's baseline criteria resulting in the inclusion of Somalia and omission of Iraq.
a day barely passes without its inclusion in the schedule
We use the symbol “⊂” to denote proper inclusion.

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5. to contain

Do you know that Coca-cola used to contain cocaine?

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6. encompass

I'll encompass this topic, just give me more time!
Of course, the Bauhaus style does not just influence architectural design, it encompasses everything from tables to chairs, even bikes
The district encompasses most of the downtown area.
encompass only social factors.
The topics in the seminar will encompass a wide range of theories.
The festival is to encompass everything from music, theatre, and ballet to literature, cinema, and the visual arts.
Their albums encompass a wide range of music.
This book encompasses two decades of brand-building experience across all varieties of verticals, which I have distilled into 109 easily digestible pages.
This course is to encompass everything from ancient to modern history.
Their albums encompass a wide rangeof music
nursing care must encompass all factors that act
The optimal formula which would encompass all these factors has not been proposed.

7. incorporate

Microsoft wants to incorporate Nokia.
please to incorporate emplyes into a new company
This design incorporates the best features of our earlier models
The systems would try to incorporate some of the ideas of Hayes and others.
They like to incorporate cheese into their traditional dishes.
we will incorporate most valuable ideas
I want to incorporate you to my project
Suggestions from the survey have been incorporated into / in the final design.
She incorporates everything we need
I want to incorporate you to my projec, They incorporated a few of my ideas, She incorporates everything we need
We also want to incorporate third countries for competition reasons.
We’ve incorporated many environmentally friendly features into the design of the building.
a mathematical description of the electron that incorporated its wavelike properties
Further points must also be incorporated into the common position.
Horta was inspired to incorporate interior iron structure with curvilinear botanical forms, which was known as “biomorphic whiplash,” to create the first Art Nouveau architecture.