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gather in English:

1. collect collect

I collect postcards.
First, we will present a petition to the mayor and collect signatures.
If time were reversed, raindrops would collect themselves from the ground and fly up to the clouds.
The three animals tried to help the old man, the monkey using its ability to climb to collect fruit and nuts, and the fox catching fish in the stream to bring to him.
Oh, it's a lot more, Dima smiled. "But actually, this is a collect call. So you're the noob, 'cause you're paying."
Researchers found that subjects could collect double the amount of money for charity when they were wearing clothes with designer logos.
From all that I can collect by your manner of talking, you must be two of the silliest girls in the country. I have suspected it some time, but I am now convinced.
This is a collect call from Mr Nakamura in Osaka. Will you accept the charge?
The telethon is a French TV program organized every year to collect funds in order to finance medical research.
But you know, it would be sad to collect all these sentences, and keep them for ourselves. Because there's so much you can do with them. Which is why Tatoeba is open. Our source code is open. Our data is open.
An exploratory investigation was required to collect important data regarding the health of the ecosystem.
After 25 years of collecting recipes, she has compiled them into a cookbook.
Our class collected clothes and toys to give to poor children
Tom collects unusual objects since his childhood

2. to come together in a group to come together in a group

3. to make a group or collect to make a group or collect

4. Accumulate Accumulate

He tried to accumulate wealth.
We accumulate our opinions at an age when our understanding is at its weakest.

5. gathering gathering

The radio warned us of the coming earthquake and we started gathering our things.
He travels about the world gathering facts about little known countries.
I think that Japanese students are very good at gathering knowledge.
family gathering
Black clouds are gathering. It's going to rain.
The gathering will be large if the weather is good.
A karuta gathering was being held at the hatamoto's estate.
In my school, pupils from the literary set often organize gatherings at which popular artists, journalists or authors talk about their life, professional careers, read extracts of their writings and give autographs.
The way some people see it, associating with the opposite sex is just like going to the seaside and gathering stones; everyone can pick up the ones they like.
Not bad—not bad at all. This is quite a gathering of talent to have under one roof.
Will you take care of gathering materials for the climb?
Then, gathering speed, it raced through the tunnel, shaking the passengers from side to side.
We made sure that our gathering is fully legal. What's your gathering of the situation?
Gathering information is one of the essentials of travel.

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6. come together

7. make a crowd

8. to believe that something is true because of what you have seen or heard

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