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1. efficiency

The Director's appraisal of our efficiency was positive overall.
Office managers expect accuracy, efficiency, and dedication.
Charles Moore created Forth in an attempt to increase programmer productivity without sacrificing machine efficiency.
That makes for efficiency.
efficiency = performance results
Everyone strives for efficiency but few seem to attain it.
Efficiency is the dominant idea in business.
Our firm is a giant one, and there are some rules and regulations, which should be revised or rescinded to reduce red tape and increase efficiency.
Don't confuse "efficacy" with "efficiency".
The efficiency of Kemil's team is not the best.
she was at the sports center where the athlete checked her efficiency.
I don't mention the high energy efficiency of these LED light bulbs.
Or busied herself in her garden, cutting things down with frightening efficiency.
It seems that the efficiency of controls could be improved in certain areas.
Efficiency is defined as the ability to produce something with a minimum amount of effort. An example of efficiency is a reduction in the number of workers needed to make a car.

2. working well and not wasting time or energy

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3. inefficiency

inefficiency of the school system
Too many people working on the same project can lead to inefficiency.

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4. inefficient

Existing methods of production are expensive and inefficient.
Local government was inefficient.
The restaurant staff were inefficient.
I don’t like our new work schedule. It’s an inefficient use of time.
We have the most inefficient health care system in the world.
The program's memory management was so inefficient that it actually damaged the RAM somehow!
A literal boatload of new computers were recalled for inefficient power use.
This design is too inefficient to prototype.

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5. doing job well

6. working or operating quickly and effectively in an organized way

7. doing something well without wasting anything

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8. efficient at

9. effective

Do you think you have to be able to pass for a native speaker to be an effective spy?
I hear that studying in the morning is more effective. Studying one hour in the morning is as good as three hours at night.
OPP ineffective
I hope you're prepared to communicate under these conditions, because e-mail is most effective and convenient when different time zones are taken into consideration.
Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.
These quotations were effective in sending complex messages to his friends, because, in his day, people could quote from such authors with every expectation of being understood.
My father achieved that and more in four words, which made quoting Shakespeare as effective as any business adviser could wish.
The most effective means for the propagation of Esperanto is the fluent and elegant use of this language.
In order to bring about an effective agreement of wills, it is not sufficient to study other languages.
As of midnight tonight the contract becomes effective.
The art of modern warfare does not necessarily require soldiers to be armed to the teeth to be effective as combatants.
1. That picture would look more effective on a dark background. 2. The soldiers gained effective control of the town.
An effective writer is one who knows what sort of words should be employed in any specific context.
Out of the four policies that were suggested, I think the most effective one would be the "Improvement of Preventive Care and Health Promotion" policy.
Girls wearing mini-skirts, walking or sitting, are very effective eye-openers.

10. good working

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11. productive

I think our cooperation has become even smoother and more productive.
The author is seventy, but he's no less productive than he was twenty years ago.
You should spend less time complaining and more time doing something productive.
For years I thought that I was a productive person.
My subordinates are productive.
I had a very productive day of cooking yesterday; I made soup, biscuits, and two pies.
Americans spend most of their lives working, being productive.
This factory's productive capacity is 250 cars a week.
Tobacco smoke is productive of cancer.
After hours of browsing TV Tropes, Lyle could predict the ending of any show. This gave him a distaste for entertainment that, in a roundabout way, enabled him to make time for a more productive life.
Every political good carried to the extreme must be productive of evil.
but I haven’t been very productive."
We had a productive meeting and sorted out many problems.
A very productive introductory lesson.
Let's do something productive instead of arguing who's right and who's wrong.

12. able to do tasks successfully without wasting time or energy