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arm in English:

1. part of the body with hand at the end part of the body with hand at the end

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2. arm arm

Tom's broken arm took several weeks to heal.
Tom bet Mary that he could beat her at arm wrestling.
The grenade blew up before the terrorist could throw it, and his arm was blown off!
my arm hurts
Prices for land in Tokyo now are an arm and a leg for even the smallest place.
As he unhesitatingly extended his arm towards me, he came to touch my private areas.
My insurance coverage is too limited, so I guess I'll just have to live with my arm bones jutting out of my skin.
Harold's arm bicycle workout was sufficiently vigorous that his pectorals burst into flame.
Iron Arm Atom protected the country from danger.
Burning the candle at both ends reduces the candle to wax in a hurry - just like a playboy having a pretty girl on each arm.
His utter failure at the last peace conference has taught him to arm himself to the teeth with new tricks and tactics.
The arms allow us to balance while running.
He put one hand on the driving wheel, and the other on the arm. Pull the arm to start the machine
The shoulder joints, as well as moving on their own, also move in conjunction with arm movements.
In a characteristically awkward move, Regis patted his guest on the arm.

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3. the part of your body that connects your shoulder with your fingers the part of your body that connects your shoulder with your fingers

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4. chalk farm chalk farm

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5. armful armful

an armful of flowers
Kasia returned with an armful of books. She treats her Phd really serious.

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6. armed armed

They armed themselves with guns.
He armed himself with all the facts before asking questions at the meeting.
A radical disarmament treaty prohibits all armaments and armed forces.
The armed hijackers terrified the passengers.
Armed only with a short sword, he drove off all five of his attackers.
Four armed men held up the bank and escaped with $4 million.
The escaped convict is armed and dangerous.
There is nothing polite about armed robbery.
The art of modern warfare does not necessarily require soldiers to be armed to the teeth to be effective as combatants.
For, in reason, all government without the consent of the governed is the very definition of slavery: but in fact, eleven men well armed will certainly subdue one single man in his shirt.
Mexican desperadoes during the early twenties were usually armed to the teeth with stolen firearms and ammunition.
Police shot the armed robber in the head - he died almost immediately.
The way things are going, an armed conflict may well be unavoidable.
a struggle with an armed robber
This United Nations resolution calls for the withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict.