Canada political system

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Canada function s within a framework of ___ and a ___ of parliamentary government with strong democratic traditions.
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Canada is a ___, in which the monarch is head of state.
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The Canadian monarch is represented by the____
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Governor General of Canada
Prime Minister of Canada (name)
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JUSTIN TRUDEAU 23rd prime minister (Liberal Party)
Prime Minister of Canada (duties)
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• i s in charge of the Prime Minister's Office and chooses the ministers who make up the Cabinet • t he two groups, with the authority of the Parliament of Canada, manage the Government of Canada and the Canadian Armed Forces
•the Cabinet and the prime minister appoint members of the Senate of Canada, the judges of the Supreme Court of Canada and other federal courts
Governor General of Canada (name)
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Julie Payette since 2017
Governor General of Canada (duties)
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• most of the powers and authority of the sovereign (the Queen have been delegated to the Governor General • mostly symbolic and ceremonial role
• reading the Speech from the Throne which outlines the Canadian federal government agenda for a new session of Parliament •appointing superior court judges, on the advice of the cabinet •summoning, closing and dissolving Parliament
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(also called the Government) is the decision making branch, made up of the Monarch (represented by the Governor General), the Prime Minister, and the Cabinet
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is the law making branch, made up of the appointed Senate and the elected House of Commons
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is a series of independent courts that interpret the laws passed by the other two branches
The Parliament of Canada
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• is the federal legislature of Canada, seated at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, the national capital. • consists of the Canadian monarch, represented by a viceroy, the Governor Gener a l; an upper house, the Senate; and a lower house, the House of Commons
•the Governor General summons and appoints the 105 senators on the advice of the Prime Minister •the 338 members of the House of Commons called members of Parliame t (MPs), each represent an electoral district, and are directly elected by Canadian voters

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