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We spent considerable amounts on the new operating systems.
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Wydaliśmy znaczne sumy na nowe systemy operacyjne.
considerate / inconsiderate
It wasn't very considerate of you to drink all the milk.
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taktowny / bezmyślny, nietaktowny
a means to an end
I didn't particularly like the job - it was just a means to an end.
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środek do celu
from scratch
Ben built the shed from scratch.
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od zera
narrow sth down
We narrowed the list of candidates down from ten to three.
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ograniczyć coś, zawężyć, zmniejszać
After years of study, the payoff is supposed to be a good job. / It has been alleged that the congressman received a secret payoff from an arms dealer.
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rezultat, "owoc"/ łapówka
time on my hands
Now that she was retired, Mary found that she had a lot of time on her hands.
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czas wolny, pozbawiony obowiązków
tough going
It was tough going for the first few miles, but the trail became much easier as we got further into the forest.
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progres, postęp, który trudno osiągnąć/ trudna sytuacja
allege + that
The two man allege that the police forced them to make false confessions.
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twierdzić, że ktoś zrobił coś złego, nie mając dowodu
The book was abridged for children.
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The paths all converge at the Main gate of the park./ 100,000 people are expected to converge on the town for the festival.
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skupiać, zbierać się
The only way to negotiate the muddy hillside is on foot.
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przebyć, przemierzać trudną drogę
The prime minister is to meet his European counterparts to discuss the war against drugs.
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by no means
It is by no means certain that we'll finish the project by June.
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w żaden sposób
Visitors to the country have been asked to fill in a detailed questionnaire.
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My children have been inoculated against polio.
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She withheld her rent until the landlord agreed to have the repairs done.
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wstrzymać, odmawiać
He blamed the lack of liaison between the various government departments. / She served as a liaison between different groups.
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łączność, łącznik (ktoś, kto pośredniczy we współpracy)
fluorescent lightning
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fluorescencyjny (bardzo jasny)
A statue has been built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the poet's birthday.
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uczcić, upamiętnić
Stop harassing me!
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I count myself fortunate to have had such a good education., I've always counted Sophia among my closest friends.
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uznawać, być uważanym za
disturbing about
There is something disturbing about this new technology.
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intrude into
Newspapers editors are being urged not to intrude on/into the grief of the families of missing servicemen.
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naruszać, wtrącać się do
closely monitored
Pollution levels are closely monitored.
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uważnie monitorowany
hold off
Let's hold off making a decision until next week.
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powstrzymać, zatrzymać
The news gladdened his heart.
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The restaurant's selling point is the freshness of its ingredients.
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I'll have to lengthen this skirt.
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The explosion permanently deafened her in her right ear.
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helpless vs unhelpful
a helpless two-day-old baby / I don't need any more of your unhelpful advice!
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bezradny vs nieprzydatny
truthless, untruthful
It comes across as a truthless fairy tale.
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The view from the top of the mountain is breathtaking.
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zapierający dech
'The Settlers' is a famous series of computer games.
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There has been a consistent improvement in her attitude.
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stały, zachowujący się zawsze w podobny (pozytywny) sposób
That restaurant's really top-notch.
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na najwyższym poziomie
Qua musician, he lacks skill, but his playing is lively and enthusiastic.
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From a lay viewpoint the questionnaire is virtually incomprehensible.
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laik, amator (przymiotnik)
If we posit that wage rises cause inflation, it follows that we should try to minimize them.
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założenie, postulat
the picturesque narrow streets of the old city
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Several of the lakes are celebrated for the picturesqueness of their surrounding scenery.
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French cuisine, Polish cuisine
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kuchnia (styl gotowania)
it remains to be seen
It remains to be seen who will win.
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to się okaże
to have every intention of doing sth
We have every intention of continuing with this project whatever the cost.
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mieć wszelkie zamiary zrobienia czegoś
much to somebody's surprise
Much to our surprise, she refused to take part in our show.
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ku czyjemuś zdziwieniu
meet with sth
Her plan to visit a friend in the USA met with the disapproval of her parents.
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spotkać się z czymś (zazwyczaj negatywnym)
claim credit/responsibilty (for sth)
He was too modest to claim the credit./ No one has claimed responsibilty for yesterday's bomb attack.
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przypisywać sobie coś (uznanie/odpowiedzialność)
Judge Davis upheld the county court's decision.
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podtrzymywać (np. wyrok)
leading figure
Lavazza was a leading figure in the generation of Italian businessmen.
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czołowa postać
He enlisted in the air force.
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dołączyć do (organizacji, szczególnie armii)
a bundle of letters/clothes
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pakiet, wiązka
a heap of rubbish
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kupa, sterta, stos
a cluster of galaxies
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grupa (podobnych rzeczy blisko siebie), grono, gromadka
country + enjoy
Italy finally enjoyed its long post-war economic expansion.
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kraj (podmiot) + enjoy
I've had a letter from the tax authorities concerning my tax payments.
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This year we're going to have a few interns working with us.
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W tym roku będziemy mieli kilku stażystów pracujących z nami.
sleep rough
Hundreds of kids are sleeping rough on the streets of the capital.
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spać w niekomfortowych warunkach, zazwyczaj na zewnątrz
to be left to one’s own devices
It's amazing how some kids can really thrive when you leave them to their own devices, while others will be completely helpless.
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być pozostawionym i polegać tylko na sobie
pack in
We're only in New York for a day, so we need to pack in a lot of meetings.
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zrobić jak najwięcej w krótkim czasie
run the risk of (sth/doing sth)
When doctors do not follow government guidelines, they run the risk of being sued.
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ryzykować, że coś się stanie
a strand of dental floss, a strand of hair
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pasmo, włókno, kosmyk
marooned in the middle of nowhere
He woke up marooned in the middle of nowhere.
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uwięziony w środku pustkowia
rise to a challenge/occasion
In the exam she rose to the occasion and wrote a brilliant essay./ Such projects illustrate the company's ability to rise to the challenge of an evolving marketplace.
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sprostać wyzwaniu
backwash effect
The backwash effect of the war is the omnipresent famine.
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efekt uboczny, pośredni
on the spur of the moment
We just jumped in a car on the spur of the moment and drove to the seaside.
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pod wpływem chwili
select (adjective)
It's a very select club - I've been trying unsuccessfully to join it for years.
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ekskluzywny, wyselekcjonowany
Tofu can be used as a meat substitute in vegetarian recipes.
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substytut, zamiennik
tag along with
I don't know her, she just tagged along with us.
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dołączyć się do kogoś, jakiejś grupy
not by any means
It's not clear by any means where the money is going to come from to fund this project.
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w żaden sposób
but for
Lee would certainly have been included in the team, but for his recent injury.; But for your timely warning, we would have been unaware of the danger./ The work was now complete, but for a final coat of paint.
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gdyby nie/ z wyjątkiem
Wash your hands - they are filthy!
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brudny (ekstremalnie, bardzo)
In the past ten years, preventive measures have radically reduced levels of tooth decay in children.
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weigh up
I'm weighing up my options before I decide to apply for a job.
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"ważyć", rozważać za i przeciw
angry with someone
He is really angry with/at me for upsetting Sophie.
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zły na kogoś
angry about something/that
I don't understand what he is angry about./ They feel angry that their complaints were ignored.
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zły na coś
enraged at/by sth
He was enraged at/by the article about him.
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rozwścieczony na coś
seething with (anger, indignation)
The victims were seething with indignation when the newspaper published the article.
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kipiący (gniew, oburzenie)
get the message/idea/point across
We tried to get our point across, but he just wouldn't listen.
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przekazać w zrozumiały sposób wiadomość
rebellious streak
Most teenagers have a rebellious streak - it's nothing to worry about.
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buntownicze nastawienie, buntownicze skłonności
reliant on/upon
Our hostel is heavily reliant on charity.
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zależne od
I'm going to put colorful beads on this piece of string and make a necklace.
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koralik, paciorek
Nawlekę na ten sznurek kolorowe koraliki i zrobię naszyjnik.
She started rowing six months ago.
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The vote was won only as the result of much arm-twisting by the government.
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presja, naciskanie na kogoś groźbami lub perswazją
do a job
You've done a great job - thank you Sam.
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wykonać zadanie
come close
Japanese cars nowadays come very close to German ones in terms of build quality.
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zbliżyć się
plus point
Another plus point of learning abroad is experiencing life away from your parents.
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punctuated by
The next year was punctuated by constant visits of her mother.
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The insurance payments didn't alleviate their grief.
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łagodzić (np. ból)
Other parameters also play a basic role: the mass, the obliquity, the magnetic field.
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If you see a beehive, it is better not to disturb it.
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They would vie for her attention for days on end.
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Having a ballot would be the best way to go about our disagreement.
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wybory (tajne, z głosami na kartce)
The initial plans to expand their venture had to be scrapped because of the money issues.
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The plant fibre has incredible strength and resilience./ It takes great resilience to start a business from scratch.
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sprężystość, wytrzymałość
Emergency workers at the site are still unable to pinpoint the cause of explosion. / It's not possible to pinpoint precisely the time of death.
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This factory has an output of 10 thousand vehicles a month.
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produkt, wynik, wydajność
The drama class teacher said that he will not tolerate mediocrity on the stage.
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hail as
Our school is hailed as the best in the state.
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His precocious success was a pleasant surprise for all of us.
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prompt (verb)
Peter's unusual views prompted a heated debate in class.
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wywołać, sprowokować
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szybko, wcześnie rozwijający się, wcześnie kwitnący
relish (verb)
I relished the rare opportunity to go away from my colleagues.
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lubić coś (enjoy)
huddle (verb)
People huddled at a bus stop.
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zbierać się w tłum
Dissemination of this knowledge is important if we want to reach our objectives.
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upowszechnianie, dystrybucja
The gulf between the rich and the poor is as wide as ever.
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dziura, przepaść, luka
My tentative attempts at private teaching proved to be very fruitful.
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niepewny, eksperymentalny
gloss sth over
The government is trying to gloss over the current retirement fund shortage issues.
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Researchers at universities are always bemoaning their lack of funds.
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opłakiwać, narzekać
Disquieting news of a war in the bordering country.
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an in-depth report / analysis
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dogłębny, szczegółowy
We offer you a comprehensive training in all aspects of the business.
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wszechstronny, wyczerpujący, obszerny
The information has to be clear and comprehensible.
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Informacja musi być jasna i zrozumiała.
He first dabbled in politics when he was at law school./ She dabbled with drugs at university.
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babrać, brać udział w, próbować
Advertising turns every achievement into a hustle.
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dishonest way of making money
She is well qualified, but I think it's unlikely she will get the gig.
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praca (nieformalnie)
lag behind
Britain is lagging far behind the rest of Europe on this issue.
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pozostawać w tyle
fascination with sth
Miller's fascination with medieval art dates from her childhood.
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fascynacja czymś
head straight over
I headed straight over to meet them and ask for their autographs.
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iść w jakieś miejsce
get hold of
Where can I get hold of some stamps?
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He reassured me that I would be paid soon.
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keep a low profile
It's hard for celebrities to keep a low profile when they go out in public.
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starać się nie być rozpoznawalnym
to volunteer
During the emergency many staff volunteered to work through the weekend.
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służyć, zaoferować się na ochotnika, zrobić coś bezinteresownie
The region is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty.
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There was an abundance of food at the wedding.
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He's a very versatile young actor who's as happy in highbrow dramas as he is in TV comedies.
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uniwersalny, wszechstronny
sleeve note
According to the sleeve note, she recorded all the songs at home in her attic.
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tekst w książeczce płyty
keep sth out of sth
You should keep your personal life out of your work., Nina wanted to keep her own feelings out of the images.
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trzymać coś z dala od czegoś
You should treat those remarks with the contempt that they deserve.
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I'm not interested in government handouts - all I want is a job.
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One fact is indisputable - this must never be allowed to happen again.
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set out
She set out with the aim of becoming the youngest ever winner of the championship.
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zacząć, rozpocząć jakąś czynność zmierzającą do określonego celu
armed with
Kids should be armed with the facts about the disease.
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wyposażony w (coś użytecznego)
take to the skies
The new airliner will take to the skies next year.
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zacząć latać
sensor readings
The readings made by sensor will be converted into text messages.
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odczyty czujnika
The local shop has a good stock of postcards and guidebooks. / I always stock up the fridge before my sister comes to stay.
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asortyment/ zaopatrywać
The school issued a statement about its plans to the press.
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wydać coś oficjalnego (np. oświadczenie)
In the drawer was a selection of kitchen utensils - spoons, spatuals, knives and whisks.
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naczynie, sprzęt, przybór, szczególnie w kuchni/domu
They are launching an appeal to raise money for famine victims. / This used to be a marvellous hotel but it has lost its appeal in recent years.
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apel/ urok, atrakcja
look set to do something
With her grades this semester, Rachel looks set to be named valedictorian.
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coś wygląda na gotowe do czegoś/coś wydaje się prawdopodobne
Fame in the world of music is largely ephemeral.
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efemeryczny, szybko przemijający, krótkotrwały
disposed (to)
After all the trouble she put me to, I didn't feel disposed to help her.
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a financial/educational establishment
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biznes, organizacja
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Come on, let's go. What's the hold-up?
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get ahead
You have got to take risks if you want to get ahead.
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robić postępy, posuwać się do przodu
The constraints of politeness wouldn't allow her to say what she really thought about his cooking.
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przymus, ograniczenie
They got involved with a dodgy businessman and lost all their savings.
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nieszczery, nieuczciwy/ problematyczny
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plain sailing
The roads were busy as we drove out of town, but after that it was plain sailing.
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całkiem proste, niesprawiające problemów
take the plunge
They're finally taking the plunge and getting married.
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podjąć stanowczą decyzję
The new ramp will facilitate the entry of wheelchairs.
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wind down a business
They're winding down their overseas operation because it is losing money.
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zakończyć stopniowo działalność
win a contract
They're the firm of architects who won the contract to design the Museum of Fine Art extension.
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zawrzeć kontrakt, umowę
We gathered in a circle and hunched over the fire to get warm.
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garbić się
The wedding was low-key affair, with fewer than 30 people attending.
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ciche, nienagłośnione, skromne (o jakimś wydarzeniu)
mutually exclusive
Some people think that uncontrolled economic growth and environmental stability are mutually exclusive.
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wzajemnie się wykluczające
Absorbed in her work, she was totally oblivious of her surroundings.
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nieświadomy czegoś
roll out (a new product)
A media campaign is expected to roll out early next year.
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wypuścić nowy produkt
We have been inundated with requests for help.
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zalać (przenośnie, np. dużą ilością pracy)
come into a fortune
The russian oligarch came into his fortune by some unfair trades.
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zdobyć fortunę
trust fund
There are some tax advantages in setting up a trust fund for each of your children.
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fundusz powierniczy
There is evidence of a downturn in the housing market.
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spadek koniunktury
Dividends will be sent to shareholders on March 31.
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udziałowiec, akcjonariusz
turn over/turnover
Within ten years the theme park was turning over $20 million. / The business has an annual turnover of £50,000.
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obracać pieniędzmi, towarami, prowadzić biznes/ obrót
be on business
He's away on business at the moment.
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być w interesach
get down to business
Ok, it's late. Let's get down to business.
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zabrać się do pracy
put success down to
We put our success down to hard work.
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zawdzięczać sukces czemuś
I know he's well-meaning, but I wish he'd leave us alone.
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o jak najlepszych intencjach
dumbing down
the dumbing-down of television
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obniżanie poziomu, popularyzowanie (negatywne określenie)
(it's) just as well (that)
It's beginning to rain - it's just as well that we brought our umbrellas.
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(jest) równie dobrze (to)
there's no saying/knowing/telling
She's very unpredictable, so there's no knowing how she'll react to the news.
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nie można przewidzieć co się stanie
Be careful not to scratch yourself on roses.
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zadrapać, podrapać, drapać
The evening was very pleasant, albeit a little quiet.
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I've told her she should stay at home and rest but she's adamant that she's coming.
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He presented data to underpin his argument./When restoring the building, the first priority was to underpin the exterior walls.
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podbudowywać, wspierać
no shortage of
There is no shortage of restaurants in the city.
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nie brakuje
leap at an idea
When I offered her a job, she leapt at it.
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chętnie coś zaakceptować
think things through
I need some time to think it through - I don't want to make any sudden decisions.
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coś dokładnie przemyśleć
crack on sth
Now we've prepared the walls we can crack on with the painting.
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zacząć coś chętnie robić
Her response to their criticism was calm and measured.
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ostrożny, wyważony
stumble across
Do successful business people stumble across good ideas or do they have a clear vision of the future?
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natknąć się na
clear vision
Do successful business people stumble across good ideas or do they have a clear vision of the future?
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jasna wizja
tread/step on each other’s toes
How would you avoid treading on each other's toes if you worked with your partner?
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wtrącać się "między wódkę a zakąskę", nadepnąć komuś na odcisk
a recipe for disaster
Studying all night and getting no sleep before your final exam is a recipe for disaster.
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przepis na katastrofę
strengthen the bonds
Is working together likely to strengthen the bonds between a couple or is it a recipe for disaster?
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wzmacniać więzi
take a gamble
Would you be prepared to take a gamble or would you prefer to play it safe?
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play it safe
Would you be prepared to take a gamble or would you prefer to play it safe?
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nie ryzykować
a dime a dozen
Corrupt cops are a dime a dozen in this city.
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bez liku
a penny for your thoughts
Could I have a penny for your thoughts? I don't know how to solve this problem.
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zapytać o poradę
born with a silver spoon
Sara was born with a silver spoon, but she became a drug addict.
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z bogatej rodziny
bread and butter
Designing websites is his bread and butter.
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źródło dochodu
burn a hole in one's pocket
I burned a hole in my pocket overpaying on insurance.
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wydać za dużo pieniędzy
He's such a cheapstake. He never buys anything for his girlfriend.
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sknera, skąpiec
Thousands of acres of wetlands are destroyed every year by development.
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podmokły teren, mokradła
All the new toys kept the kids occupied for hours.
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They sell pottery and other handmade goods.
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chip in
Why don't you chip in and support the refugees?
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zrobić donację
cook the books
Let's cook the books so we can avoid paying higher taxes.
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oszustwa finansowe, księgowe
give no quarter
The student asked to take the test again, but the teacher gave no quarter.
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nie litować się, nie ustępować
give someone a run for their money
Connor is going to give Floyd a run for his money.
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mocno starać się pokonać drugą osobę

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