Blue Monday (14.01.2019)

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start learning
boring or ordinary
a humorous way of referring to the Atlantic Ocean, when it is thought of as separating the UK or Europe and the US
start learning
an area of water smaller than a lake, often artificially made
a bitter/long-running dispute
start learning
an argument or disagreement, especially an official one between, for example, workers and employers or two countries with a common border
a letdown
start learning
a disappointment
take the edge off sth
start learning
to make something unpleasant have less of an effect on someone
start learning
to make something seem less important than it really is
start learning
a feeling of extreme worry, sadness, or pain
stuck in a rut
start learning
too fixed in one particular type of job, activity, method, etc., and needing to change
creep in
start learning
to gradually start to be noticeable
dead-end job
start learning
a job in which there is no chance of progressing to a better, more important job

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