500 verbos más importantes en inglés 376 - 400

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¿Cuánto te gustaría ganar?
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to earn
also: to win
How much would you like to earn?
Votamos en contra de la nueva ley.
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to vote
We voted against the new law.
¿A quién se dirigía el discurso?
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to address
To whom was the speech addressed?
con llave
Recuerda cerrar la puerta antes de irte a dormir.
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to lock
Remember to lock the door before you go to sleep.
¿Cuánto te debo?
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to owe
How much do I owe you?
Sigue tus sueños y nunca te rindas.
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to give up
Follow your dreams and never give up.
La esclavitud se abolió en 1865.
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to abolish
Slavery was abolished in 1865.
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