500 most important Ukrainian verbs 225 - 250

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to study
What is your sister studying?
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Що вчить твоя сестра?
to swear
I swear I didn't eat your cake!
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Присягаюсь, я не їв твій торт.
to involve
I want to get involved in the actions of Greenpeace.
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брати участь
Я хочу брати участь у акціях Грінпісу.
to raise
We're planning to raise our employees' wages.
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Ми плануємо підняти зарплату нашим робітникам.
to steal
Someone stole my purse!
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Хтось вкрав мою сумочку.
to cross
You mustn't cross the street here.
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Не можна тут переходити дорогу.
to deserve
You don't even deserve him.
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Ти навіть не заслуговуєш його.
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