500 most important Swedish verbs 301 - 325

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to discover
It was Vikings who discovered America, not Columbus.
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att upptäcka; upptäcker
Det var vikingarna som upptäckte Amerika, inte Columbus.
to prefer
I prefer tomatoes over cucumbers.
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att föredra; föredrar
Jag föredrar tomater före gurkor.
to swim
You can reduce back pain by swimming.
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att simma; simmar
Du kan minska ryggont genom att simma.
to dig
Take a shovel and dig a hole.
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att gräva; gräver
Ta en spade och gräv ett hål.
to fall asleep
I fell asleep after a hard day.
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att somna; somnar
Jag somnade direkt efter en tuff dag.
to climb
How long does it take to climb Mount Everest?
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att klättra; klättrar
Hur länge tar det att klättra uppför Mount Everest?
to regret
I regret not going to college.
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att ångra; ångrar
Jag ångrar att jag inte började studera.
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500 most important Swedish verbs

Here you will find a list of the translation of the 1000 most important Swedish verbs, whether they are reflexive, modal, passive, infinitive, particle, auxiliary, regular, irregular or phrasal. Try to learn a new language with Vocapp and different types of verbs, you will find as well some examples of the basic verbs in English to Swedish in useful phrases. They are five hundreds in total and you will notice how it will be easy to understand Swedish verbs and keep them all in mind!

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