300 most important German adjectives 101 - 125

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His sister is pregnant.
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Seine Schwester ist schwanger.
Remember it's prohibited to feed wild animals.
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Merke dir, dass das Füttern der wilden Tiere verboten ist.
My brother is very friendly and cheerful.
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Mein Bruder ist sehr freundlich und fröhlich.
The official approval has not been given yet.
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Die offizielle Zustimmung ist noch nicht gegeben worden.
This is a firm construction.
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Das ist eine feste Konstruktion.
My grandpa is very patient and persistent.
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Mein Opa ist sehr geduldig und beharrlich.
Lukas likes studying foreign languages.
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auch: ausländisch
Lukas mag Fremdsprachen lernen.
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Most important adjectives in German

Did you know that if you start mixing 10 verbs with 10 nouns and 10 adjectives you will be able to do more than 1000 phrases? Amazing, don’t you think? Thanks to this course on German adjectives, you will have access to 300 different adjectives in German, thus allowing you to build thousands and thousands of sentences, can you imagine? Start your journey through German vocabularywith this lesson!

German adjectives

  • 1. warm = warm
  • 2. drunk = betrunken
  • 3. fresh = frisch
  • 4. political = politisch
  • 5. wild = wild
  • 6. strange = merkwürdig
  • 7. official = offiziell
  • 8. firm = fest
  • 9. friendly = freundlich
  • 10. embarrassed = peinlich
  • 11. blind = blind
  • 12. pregnant = schwanger

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